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Woke up one day and just decided to head to Barcelona for 3 days. It’s pretty obvious that you can’t see the city, do every interesting stuff in a weekend.

So we basically went to Barcelona to catch sunsets. We had no time to plan our trip. But let us be honest, in were so happy to not be at every cliche place, even that the places we visited were cliche also, but less i guess.

We landed on a Friday night. It was raining like hell and soon enough we figure out that the weekend were ruined by the bad weather. The day after was awesome, sun was shinning bright, the sky was totally clean. Amazing day!

Can´t say much, the fact that we didn’t have time to see and explore everything suggests that we need a second round… and it will definitely happen someday!

To finish… we lost our flight back 😦 that part hurt. We had to pay almost 3x times the price of the full trip to come back home.

Well, whatever… after all we’re story tellers!

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Portrait took of our friend @carolinaclpinto. She was doing erasmus in Barcelona by that time, we’ve met through Instagram and decided to hang out 😉





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