Talking with my boys, we decided to take a week or so and hit the road… Destination? Stay tuned and see by yourself 🙂

One thing we were pretty sure about. It had to be beaches based. We didn’t think twice… surfboards, skateboard, some food, some beers and here we go.
Peniche was our first stop, since it’s a very searched place to kick some waves and eat good fish. Unfortunately the fish didn’t happen… but we had lots of fun on this magical place. The weather was friendly, view is just stunning, people has a really good vibe, really cool!

The most interesting thing on that trip was definitely our van. Such a great experience!

Don’t fool yourself with breakfasts and lunches at great restaurants and hotels. Grab some of your best friends, find a place near to the beach and enjoy the view while you drink beers and eat, i don’t know, good portuguese ham with bread ahaha just to much fun!

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